Water Filtration
Clean water provisioning done fast and cost effectively

Aqua Centre has patented a unique Upflow Floating Media Clarification (UFMC) water treatment system, primarily designed for medium and large scale water purification needs.

UFMC produces millions of litres of clarified water per day. Either a manually operated or automated system, UFMC can meet your water purification needs. The filtration system is innovative in that it provides a cost effective, fast build-out and modular scalability for water purification. Whether it be for potable water purification, waste water recycling or cooling tower sidestream filtration, UFMC can meet a number of filtration needs.

Requirements for the UFMC water treatment system:

1. A suitable raw water source. Water can be drawn from any surface water
source that is suitable to be purified by means of clarification and
conventional disinfection methods.
2. A suitably sized and equipped kit assembly plant that will meet quality and
volume requirements is pre manufactured.
3. Required unit sizes are made up according to order, and pre manufactured.
4. The units are delivered and assembled on prepared site.
5. Required raw water supply pumps are supplied and installed.
6. Plants are commisioned and safe drinking water is supplied fast and cost
7. Clean water provisioning made basically simple and very cost effective.